TOUR PACKAGES - Mountain Expeditions

Arunachal Himalayas is located between 26.28° and 29.30° and longitudes 91.30° E and 97.30° E. It is bounded by the Bhutan Himalayas in the East and Tibet Himalayas in the North.

Kangto Peak - 7090 mtr :
The highest peak in the Eastern Himalayas - virgin and unclimbed!

Nyegi Kangsang - 7050 mtr :
This is also a virgin peak. The first organized attempt was made by Indian Mountaineering Foundation expedition lead by Col M P Yadav in the year 1995.

Gorichen Main - 6488 mtr :
This peak has received the most attention due to its close proximity to inhabited localities to its south and west. The first ascent was made in the year 1966 which was an Indian Expedition led by T Haralu. The second ascent was made after a gap of 27 years on 19 Oct 1987. The India Army Expedition was led by Maj Subendu Sen. Three to four other expeditons followed thereafter till date.

Takpa Siri - 6655 mtr. :
This is a holy mountain just north of the border, near the Tibetan village of Migyitun. Its circumambulation gives religious permit like that of Mount Kailash. Nothing much is known about the attempts or explorations of Takpa Siri.

Gorichen East - 6222 mtr :
This is another mountain peak which has attracted numerous mountain climbers and adventurers. Some expedition team has mistakenly claimed to have climbed Gorichen main when actually they climbed Gorichen East!

Chomo - 6000 mtr :
Apart from Chomo and other peaks mentioned above, there are several unnamed peaks over 6000 mtr in the Eastern Himalayas. An opportunity to carry out much detailed exploration exists for the explorers, adventurers and mountain lovers.