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A “Peerless” land, as that is what Assam means owing its derivation from a Sanskrit word ‘ASOMA’, is an entryway to the North East India. It is a region where nature herself has painted the vibrant landscape, hillocks, woods , brooks and streams, flora and fauna and above all the affectionate people. Crafted with much special care, the state of Assam India cast a spell on the travelers exploring the treasures of pleasure on Assam tourism. An abode of one horned rhino, blue rivers and red mountains, aromatic tea gardens make Tourism in Assam a special experience. Assam bears a testimony of rich cultural heritage through its temples, monuments, and torrential Brahmaputra River. It is legendary state in terms of traditions and civilization and hence makes for an amzing experience – in short Assam tourism info gives you best of Assams incredible travel experience!.

Info on How to Reach Assam

Rail: Assam is well connected with rest of India. Rajdhani Express from Delhi will take you to Guwahati in about 24 to 36 hours.

Air: Guwahati, Tezpur, Jorhat, Dibrugarh, Lakimpur, Silchar are the Airports that provide Air Connectivity to Assam.

Road: A web of bus network operates around the by private transporters and Assam State Transport Corporation.

Best time to visit: Assam tourism is best in the months of October to March.

Famous Cities of Assam

Assam tourism will take you to a number of fantastic destinations. Explore these destinations on your incredible Assam tour for an all round experience Dispur City: The capital city of Assam India is well known for Auction Market of Tea. There are places of mythological significance like Basistha Ashram, and a cultural center Shankardev Kalakschetra.

Guwahati Capital City: “Light of the East” is famous for majestic Brahmaputra River. It is the hub of commercial trading in north east. The famous tourist places in Guwahati are Umananda temple, Kamakhya Temple, Assam Zoo and Botanical Gardens, Assam State Museum.

Barpeta City: This “Land of Satras” has a prominence in terms of business. A great number of schools and educational institutions make it a hub for education in east.

Dibrugarh City: The name of the city ha sits origin to the mouth of a river Dibaru. It is a small town less frequented by tourists. This commercial city located along the Brahmaputra is the largest tea exporting town in India.

Silchar City: Flowing to the extreme east of this city is the river Barak. The unmatched view of sunrise in the exotic natural environs is marvelous. Bhuban hill,Sri Sri Kancha Kanti Devi Temple, Khaspur, Maniharan Tunnel and temple of Goddess Lakshmi Devi are must see tourist places for travelers on Assam tourism.

Majuli City: Travel to Majauli the famous city of Assam full of tourism attractions. This city cradled by Brahmaputra, boasts of being the largest fresh Water River Island in the world. The exquisite beauty, innocence and naivety of the land and its people make it a hot tourist spot among travelers. The city is a dwelling for Assamese Vaishshnavite culture which colors the eco and spiritual tourism.

Hajo City: A confluence of three religion, Hajo is located on the northern bank of Brahmaputra . A pilgrimage center for Hindus and Muslims alike it has many temples the most famous being Hayagriva-Madhab Temple. Poa Mecca is a revered pilgrimage for Muslims.

One Horned Rhino in KazirangaSibsagar City: The former capital of Ahoms, the city is “The Ocean of Shiva”. There are many places of tourist interest like Rang Ghar, Kareng Dhar and Talatal Ghar Gargaon Palace, Jaysagar Tank and Temples, Ajan Pir Dargah Sharif, Charaiadeo, Namdang Stone Bridge, Rudrasagar Tank and Temple and Gaurisagar Tank and Temples.

Tawang City: The city is pleasant and nestles a huge monastery – the Tawang Monastery. No Assam tour is complete without a visit to this great monastery.

Tezpur City: “The City of Blood” named after a mythological battle betwixt Vishnu and Shiva, the Preserver and Destroyer of world respectively, is abundant with folklore and beliefs. Nehru Maidan, Chitralekha Udyan, The Mahabhairav Temple, Agnigarh, Da-Parbatia Bamuni Hills, The Hazara Pukhuri and Cole Park are some of the tourist destinations and attractions. The city has many sanctuaries and reserves like The Nameri Tiger Reserve, Orang Wildlife Sanctuary, Nameri Sanctuary, and Kaziranga National Park.

Info on Assam Tourist Places

As Assam is a home to many marvelous travel destinations and places to visit, it is a hot spot for tourists also. For naturalists, adventure enthusiasts, pilgrims and connoisseurs alike, Assam tourism is a delightful experience.

Wildlife Tours in Assam:
Assam tourism will also introduce you to the wildlife parks and sanctuaries of the state. There are many wildlife sanctuaries and National Parks in Assam India that make this state a unique habitat for the wild beasts. Among the well known are Kaziranga National Park Wildlife tour (famous for sheltering the rare one horned rhino), Manas National Park (famous for the largest tiger reserve and a World Heritage Site), Orang National Park (a mini Kaziarnga), Sonai Rupai Wildlife Sanctuary, Pabha or Milroy Sanctuary, Dibru-Saikhowa National Park ( a biosphere reserve), Laokhowa Wildlife Sanctuary, Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary, Namber Wildlife Sanctuary, Pani Dihing Wildlife Sanctuary, Barandi Game Reserve.

Adventure Sports in Assam

If you are driven by that zest of thrill, then undertake Assam Adventure tourism. You have ample opportunities for it in the state. The topography and varied terrains of Assam India beckons all the adventure partisans.

Rafting Adventure: The majestic Brahmaputra engulfs many opportunities for rafting. You can enjoy river rafting holiday tours in this titanic river and its various tributaries.

Angling Adventure: Home to many species of fish like game fish, the Golden Mahseer, or tiger of the Himalayan rivers, rivers like Jia Bhoroli, Kapili and Manas give the fun of angling Adventure.

River Cruise Adventure: Thinking of challenging the stalwart Brahmaputra, even if it is hazardous ! Hmm! That’s the spirit. The torrential river, the wild environs, the mighty hills all come in your way of river cruise. Enjoy the Adventure thrill down your nerves.

Boat Racing Adventure: Cities like Hajo, Saulkuchi, Barpeta, Guwahati hold boat racing events during festive occasions promoted by Assam Tourism.

Golf Adventure:Many tea gardens of Assam India have golf courses tucked with them. A holiday tour on tea gardens, playing golf will be an unmatched experience of paramount happiness.

Mountaineering and Trekking Adventure: The North Cachar Hills and Karbi Hills are on hit list of the trekkers and mountaineers Adventure holidays. These provide extreme friskiness to the tourists. The ‘Elephant Rocks’ in Morigaon District attract many trekkers.

Mountain Biking and Cycling Adventure: Hey! bikers over there… enthused by the frolic biking spirit. Welcome to Holiday adventure tour of Assam India and curb those savage and unexplored terrains. You can even take part in bicycle and motorbike rallies.

RaftingPara Sailing Adventure: Indian and Foreign tourists are attracted to this novel sport in Assam introduced by The Assam Tourism Development Corporation. The best place for para sailing tour in Assam is the spot is North Guwahati.

Hang Gliding Adventure:Who does not like to fly high? So if you wish to enjoy hang gliding come to the Kamakhya Hills and hills around Kaziranga and soar up high.

Bird Watching Adventure: The north east India is a shelter for many rare flora and fauna. While on your Himalayan foothills travel you will encounter some of the prettiest birds in their natural habitat.

Information on Arts and Crafts of Assam

The artisans of Assam accomplish the work of art and craft with much adroitness. The tourists are attracted to the crafts pieces made of cane and bamboo, a typical Assamese headgear ‘Japi’ , teracotta, pottery, metal works of brass and bell, wood carvings, weaving and toys. The work of making Japi is the most popular in Assam. Furniture pieces of cane and bamboo are exclusive to Assam and are exported. Handed down from one generation to the other the skill of Teracotta makes everything including idols of Gods and mythological creatures. The pottery tradition in Assam is ruled by the two potter communities, Kumars and Hiras, who make wonderful items like earthen pot and pitchers, plates, incense stick holders and earthen lamps.

The metal items include utensils and fancy items like Xorai and Bota. Hajo and Sarthebari towns are engaged in making metal pieces. Assam fashions many types of toys like clay toys, pith, wooden and bamboo toys, cloth toys, cloth-and-mud toys. Every possible figure is made: doll, brides, grooms, deity idols. These are very famous in Assam. Weaving and embroidery has a rich heritage in Assam. Assamese ladies wear traditional outfit Mekhela – Chadar which has beautiful designs. Cotton, Muga silk, Paat (Silk), Eri silk are common fabrics widely used for weaving. Wood carving is also very popular in Assam. Exclusive designs are carved in the doors, walls, beams, decorative panels and ceilings in houses, temples, monasteries and royal palaces.

Information on Fairs and Festivals of Assam

Festival of Assam India are marked with joviality and elaborate celebrations. Among the popular ones that you can enjoy on your Assam tourism are:

BIHU: Bihu is an ancient national festival of Assam celebrated thrice a year in different months for different reasons. in the months of Bohaag (Baisakh, the middle of April), Maagh (the middle of January), and Kaati (Kartik, the middle of October). Each bihu is in conformity to the harvest calendar. The folk songs and folk dance add charm to the celebrations of Bihu. People clad in vibrant outfits gleefully merry.

TEA FESTIVAL: In the month of November Assam Tourism organizes this festival combining visits to tea gardens, Golf cruises, River cruises. If you are there in the month of November when this festival is celebrated, don’t miss to visit the “guwahati Tea Auction Center”

AMBUBASI MELA: Organized in the premises of Kamakhaya Devi temple in Guwahati, this festival is celebrated in monsoon. This festival has affiliation to the tantrik rituals and remains closed for three days with a legend which states that it is the menstrual time of goddess Kamakhaya.

JONBEEL MELA: A fair where barter sysytem is still persists, this fair is most magnificent and celebrated in winters. The tribal communities like Tiwa, Karbi, Khasi and Jaintia observe this fair happily.

BAISHAGU: This festival is celebrated in the month of April. Commencing with worshiping the cows, this festival is a myriad of varied hues.

Bihu FestivalRAJINI GABRA AND HARINI GABRA: This festival, significantly a religious practice to start a new civilization, starts with the village head.

DOSA THOI ! LONG NAI : A very important religious dance to worship Lord Shiva.

ALI-AI- LIGANG: This is colorful spring festival of Mising tribe organized in the month of February- March.

RONGKER AND CHOMANGKAN: A spring festival to seek blessings from God and Goddesses for the welfare of the village. Chomangkan is an elaborate death ceremony.

Dance and Music of Assam

Travel Assam to catch a glimpse of beautiful dance and music form of the Assamese. Each occasion is observed with enthusiastic fervor in Assam. Celebrated with much vigor each form of dance and music is Assam is extraordinary. Some of the famous dances of Assam are Bihu Dance (the most popular dance performed by young boys and girls characterized by brisk stepping, flinging and flipping of hands), Satriya Nritya, a beautiful classic dance of Assam, Bhor Tal Nritya , an extension of Sankari culture, Chah Baganar Jumur Nach (Jumur dance of tea garden), Bagurumba dance of Bodos, Mishing’s Ali Ai Ligang. There are many other folk dance forms in Assam like Husari and Bihunas, Dhuliya and Bhawariya, Deodhani, Zikirs, Mohauhau or Mahkheda and Apsara-Sabah.

Assam on a Platter

Quench your appetite, mollycoddle your taste buds by the redolent flavors of Assam. Different from other adjoining states, the cuisine of Assam is an amalgamation of authentic styles with a pinch of local variety and external influence. A peculiar feature of Assam’s culinary is the minimum use of oil and spice but extensive use of herbs, fruits and vegetables. The preparations are not that lavish and use of jaggery or sugar is main. A classic Assam platter will have a starter Khar , a group of some dishes that are named after the main ingredient and will end with tenga, a sour dish. The cuisine of Assam has many vegetarian and non vegetarian delights for gourmets. The staple food of Assam is rice cooked in many ways- boiled, roasted, pulverized or just soaked. Curry of boiling vegetables accompanies rice. Pithas made from rice powder is essential for many dishes here.

Taking non vegetarian dishes, fish of many types like the rou, the illish, and the chital is the main dish in Assam. Birds like duck and pigeon; partridge and chicken, mutton are fondly relished and particularly favorite are the pork dishes. The exotic side dishes in Assam are made of steamed or roasted vegetables. Eri polu (pupa of Eri silkworm and fermented bamboo shoot) is very famous and savored dish in Assam.

Assam tourism will definitely appeal to your senses. This land has always attracted herds of people to explore and discover the gems of nature. So when are you planning your vacation in ASSAM? Assam tourism awaits to thrill you.

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